Mobilising Young People in the Aftermath of Ebola

Mobilising young people in Liberia and Sierra Leone to rebuild communities devastated by the Ebola outbreak Project

Project Duration: 2016-2018 (2 years)

Background: The Ebola outbreak of 2014-16 in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) resulted in the loss of  over 11,000 lives and significantly slowed the growing economic development of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

However, resilience, solidarity and strength of spirit were evidenced in the tireless efforts of volunteers, communities, civil society and government to respond to the outbreak. Young people in particular were instrumental in providing support, self-help and contributing to the efforts to respond to and contain Ebola.

This project implemented by Sierra Leone YMCA and Liberia YMCA in Bong and Margibi County (Liberia) and Makeni and Kenema (Sierra Leone) to contribute to rebuilding stronger, more resilient communities in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak.

What we hoped to achieve with our partners:

  • Children, young people and duty bearers contributing to creating safer more secure communities in Ebola affected areas
  • Economic security through life skills, vocational and business training so young people could secure decent work
  • Improved and safer access to drinking water and toilets for the community
  • Skills building and training for young people in disaster risk reduction to help their communities prevent and manage any future risks such as flooding or health outbreak.

What we did achieve through our partners:

  • Significant increase in the capacity and confidence of young people who grew as positive role models in the community
  • Peace building activities and the setup of over 30 peace clubs in schools
  • Over 400 young women and men completed entrepreneurship, vocational, training and 295 were supported with grants to help rebuild businesses
  • Over 20,000 young people and community members have access to an improved drinking source or latrine less than 30 minutes/1KM away
  • 112 young people participated in youth led disaster management and community-based actions to improve the living environment. This included helping to manage safer waste disposal and helping to build a bridge for safer crossing during rainy season.
  • Inspirational leadership of young people who delivered health and hygiene information to community members and promoted peace
  • Psycho-social counselling support to young people traumatised from the Ebola outbreak allowing individuals to emerge from isolation and re-engage with their communities

Funded By: Comic Relief
Partners: Liberia YMCA and Sierra Leone YMCA

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