Meet Yusuf: Ambition in Action

We started the celebrations for World Youth Skills Day a bit earlier this year! In the lead up to the big day, that falls on Sunday 15th July, we asked young people to share the skill that would help them to recognise their ambition. 

Young people from around the world (Zambia, America, Palestine and Bangladesh to name a few…!) joined the This is #MyAmbition campaign that was inspired by the ambition of our beneficiaries who strive to better themselves and their communities through new skills.

Now, you have the chance to see this ambition in action. Meet Yusuf, a young man from West Point in Liberia. It was only recently that Yusuf was unemployed. His family couldn’t afford to further his education and his future looked bleak. But, through skills training that helped Yusuf recognise his ambition, Yusuf transformed his life.

To hear his full story, watch the video below.

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