From school dropout to business woman, read Sabine’s story

Sabine lives in Carion a small town in Madagascar. Due to poverty Sabine had to drop out of school. Her mother moved to the capital to find work leaving Sabine to look after her three sisters. Her only income came from irregular work as a seamstress.

Since getting vocational and business training in YMCA workshops Sabine has more than tripled her daily income from starting her own business in hairdressing and can now afford to look after both herself and her sisters; paying school fees for all three of them.

Through our training we focus on making young people active members of their community so that we can have longer lasting impact. By receiving life skills training Sabine now contributes to her community by acting as a peer leader, this includes influencing local development plans.

“Before I was shy, but because of the training I’ve gained confidence. I often explain to my clients what the YMCA does!”

Sabine plans on expanding her business to include beauty therapies and is hoping to employ other people. She is also going to attend after school classes so she can finally finish her education.

Thinking Micro helped Sabine change her life, see how one small change can have a big impact.




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