Food for Thought – Fat Macy’s

Y Care International heard about Fat Macy’s through our YMCA family. The founder of the supper club, Meg Doherty was on placement with Year Here at YMCA North London when she had the idea of marrying great food with social enterprise through an intimate supper club. And so, Fat Macy’s was born.

In November 2018, Y Care International ran a prize draw competition for our mailing list to sign up for two tickets to the next supper club of their choice. The winner was Chloe Morgan who has recently begun her journey supporting Y Care International to help young people into work and out of poverty. Through the prize draw, Y Care International wished to get to know our supporters a little bit better and so, along with Chloe’s sister, we all sat down for a meal at Good and Proper Tea where the February Fat Macy’s pop-up supper clubs were being held.

The evening began with our host introducing the mouth-watering delectables on offer for the evening which included a fall-off-the-bone lamb rump with pomegranate molasses (vegan and vegetarian options were available!) and the biggest and richest chocolate brownie to grace the East End of London. Our host was one of many trainees that Fat Macy has supported from a hostel into their own home.

Since 2010, there has been a 50% rise in homelessness in England. The problem Fat Macy’s is tackling is common. In the current climate, those living in temporary accommodation find it increasingly challenging to save money to move into their own homes, exacerbated by the cyclical benefit conundrum. For example, someone may be on the weekly £57.90 per week from Job Seeker’s Allowance. Working full time would get him or her more but their housing benefit would be cut commensurately. They’d be left with a similar amount each week even if they had never worked a single hour and therefore saving for permanent accommodation is more challenging than ever.

Fat Macy’s overcomes this by creating a tailored work experience programme for their trainees with all profits going towards a housing deposit scheme for the trainees. With every event, the trainees gain real-life work experience while saving securely for their futures. We were delighted to hear that our host for the evening had recently met his £2000 saving target and had recently been accepted onto the housing register in a district of East London.

Y Care International kickstarts the futures of young people through work, working in some of the most disadvantaged communities globally. A natural affinity can be seen between our own and Fat Macy’s work which represents the integral part that the YMCA movement plays in holistically tackling systemic inequalities and standing side by side young people to support them into a fruitful future.

A big thank you Chloe and Brooke for giving us an insight into Y Care International’s supporter network and, of course, to Fat Macy’s for a delicious evening. You can find out more about the supper club here and book tickets for their next March event that marks their two year anniversary.

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