Small changes, big impact. Read Zaw’s story

For Zaw all it took was a spanner to change his life.

Doing odd jobs at a masonry, Zaw had no stable job or income. His lack of vocational skills and formal education meant that securing a permanent job was hard for him. Like many young people in Myanmar, Zaw’s future was uncertain and with a young child, he desperately needed to secure permanent employment.

When the  local YMCA in Zaw’s village began offering vocational training he saw the chance to improve his life. He took up a free mechanics and business training course. Far from just mechanical skills, Zaw gained further business knowledge and the respect and admiration of his family and peers.

Since finishing the course Zaw has set up his own bicycle repair shop, in his village of Maubin. The course provided him with money saving skills which he put into practice by building his own motorcycle shop out of bamboo, alleviating any rental fees. Zaw has gone from having no income, to a making at least £50 a month and now employs people in his shop. The money that he has earned has gone to helping his family with medical costs and providing basic food which they were previously lacking.

“Today, I am standing here because of this project. I would like to say many thanks to all. I am very appreciative to be a beneficiary of this project.”

By implementing training projects in the world’s most vulnerable communities we are changing lives and creating a more hopeful future for young people.

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