Y Care International & the YMCA family: Putting communities in the driving seat

What's a tandem bike got to do with development?

Y Care International is the relief and development agency of the YMCA in the UK & Ireland. We’re passionate about working in partnership, and the power of young people, because we know it’s the best way of making change happen.

The Problem:

For too long, NGOs and charities have been telling communities what to do. But local people and communities know their situation best – and how to change things.

Join with us:

At Y Care International, we’re committed to working in partnership – in open and honest long-term relationships with YMCAs rooted in their local communities. 

We support the young people who are leading change in their own communities – they sit in the driving seat, not us. We ride on the back seat – pedalling alongside them, being led by them so that they can transform their communities.

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