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Prayers for Education Sunday

Education Sunday takes place every year on the second Sunday in September, and has been celebrated for over 100 years.

God of love and life,
We pray for every member of our community, both close to home and globally, who is returning to school.
We pray for their places of education to be overflowing with creativity, inspiration and opportunity.
We pray for your peace to fill the classrooms and dining halls, the playgrounds and school buses, and the hearts and minds of those who are worried about returning to school.
We pray that you will equip the teachers and teaching assistants with the tools they need to help the children and young people in their care to fulfil their potential.
We commend our children and young people into your care.
In Jesus’ name,

Lord Jesus,
You came to earth as a teacher,
Using stories to instruct.
You commended us to listen more than we speak.
Thank you for teaching us.
We pray for the teachers,
The lecturers,
The mentors and wisdom bringers,
Who enable learning to happen.
We pray for the assistants and administrators;
The helpers who ensure the students can flourish.
We pray for the learners,
As they absorb new information,
Gain new skills and,
Discover their particular route through education.
We pray for schools, colleges,
Universities and all places of education around the world.
May they be safe places,
Filled with inspiration and aspiration.
We particularly pray for those who have disappeared from the education system,
Where circumstances have prevented them continuing,
Where schools remain closed,
Lord God, please make a way back to education for those children and young people.
We give you thanks and praise today for all in education
And ask that you protect and uphold each one of them.

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