International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

International day for the elimination of racial discrimination - blog header with #EndRacism hashtag


#FightRacism in 2023

Today is 21st March, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

For Y Care International and our partners around the world, this day is hugely significant, and it offers us a chance to take stock of our progress towards the goal of a fully equitable international development sector.

Y Care International is the International Development agency of the YMCA movement, and we benefit from the perspectives, skills and talent of YMCAs and young people from around the world. Today, we acknowledge the failings of our sector and of individuals, recognise the urgency of combating racism and racial discrimination, and align our voice with that of the United Nations and the entire world.

Our commitment

We commit to continue to discuss racial discrimination, inclusion, and institutional racism throughout the year, and we encourage our supporters to engage with this day as a starting point in the journey to #FightRacism.

Speaking to mark the day, Linbert Spencer OBE, Chair of Trustees for Y Care International, said:

This day gives us that opportunity to ‘unwrap a gift’. But that ‘gift’—of understanding, of awareness raising—is for life, it’s not just for this day. Make sure that we educate, enable and support, and model behaviours that are designed to break down barriers (and) enable people to see their blind spots that need to be addressed.

You can’t do that if you are treating people badly. Change doesn’t come about if people feel they are being discriminated against. The most important thing that we can do is to engage with people, and ask them what they need from us if they are going to be their best self and move forward.


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