Y Care International is at its core a partnership-based organisation, working hand in hand with local youth-focused organisations in some of the worlds poorest countries to create opportunities for disadvantaged young women and men.

We firmly believe that local organisations are best placed to understand their communities and their needs. Our role is to accompany them and offer support, technical, learning, financial, networking – to increase the impact and scale of their work. Today, we are focused on building strong, sustainable partnerships to tackle the growing crisis of youth unemployment.

This year, our campaign, No Strings Attached, introduces you to our partners, YMCA Liberia, and the incredible work they do to see young people’s potential fulfilled in Liberia.

No Strings Attached conveys the way we see development work thriving. We can’t be the true ‘partners’ to our partners if we wish to treat them as our puppets while we pull the strings! Walking together in partnership means cutting the strings of colonial development.

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