Our Trust and Foundations partnerships are based on openness and honesty. Y Care International staff enjoy nothing more than sharing our passion with you and, through regular reports, you can stay fully informed on the project’s progress and hear about the life-changing support you have created directly from our young beneficiaries.

We also work closely with Major Donors, and ensure that each partnership is unique, relevant and tailored to fit the organisation.

We want you to see the change that your remarkable compassion generates.

YMCA - Liberia, 2 young men sitting down

“We have found in Y Care a trusted partner. We are supporting their programs in Togo and Liberia and with their bottom/up approach via national YMCAs, they really know how to help young people in difficult circumstances to improve their lives. We value that they can set concrete goals related to increase of income and monitor results”

C.E.O, Turning Foundation
Turing Foundation

“Having visited Y-Care projects I have huge respect for their capacity to improve young people’s lives. YMCAs and YWCAs are ‘facts on the ground’. They have established facilities and teams of devoted workers in locations throughout Palestine.  The Christian ethos is there and available in an unquestioning way to help and guide young people irrespective of faith. Y-Care and the YMCA/YWCA are doing a wonderful job in extremely tough conditions”

Trustee, Austin Bailey Foundation
Austin Bailey Foundation

You Can Get Involved

Your Trust or Foundation can support a specific project in Asia, Africa, the Middle East or Latin America to help young people transform their and others’ lives by getting into business. And out of poverty.

If you would like to find out more or would like detailed information on a specific project or region please contact our Senior Trusts and Foundations Coordinator Sam Lishak or phone 020 7549 3174.