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After forty years of military rule, Myanmar is now on a rocky path to democracy and development. A quarter of the population still live below the national poverty line. In rural areas, poverty rates typically double to around 50%. Many young people are scratching a living from the land, doing dangerous and insecure work, for pay that barely supports them. Our own surveys found that 43% of the young people we hoped to work with said they didn’t have enough to eat in the previous month.

Our latest project is helping to give even more marginalised young people opportunities and skills to enter the workplace. Gender discrimination and disability are huge barriers to employment – 70% of the people we’re working with are female and some have disabilities.

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Young women like Wai Wai

After leaving school at 13, Wai Wai was married by 18 and soon became a mother to three. She could only earn a little money, cleaning other people’s houses and doing their laundry. Wai Wai says she was almost treated like a slave. Even her children were ashamed of her.

Determined to make more of her life despite the oppression she faced, she’s worked long hours to make the most of the literacy, numeracy, business and life skills training your gifts provide. She’s now written a business plan for a beauty parlour and is using our starter kit to invest in tools to get it off the ground. Attitudes towards her have completely changed. And most importantly, her children are proud of her at last.

“I cannot say thank you enough for this project. Today, there was a big event and I was invited to do hair and decorate hairstyles with flowers. Now my children are recommending me to anyone who needs their hair or makeup done.”

Wai Wai, beautician, Myanmar

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