Help supercharge young people’s efforts to get into business and out of poverty

Preparing young people for the future of work lies at the heart of our aim to create one million work opportunities for young people by 2030. Today we urgently need your help to support exciting and innovative e-enterprise projects like this one, that are energising young people in Sierra Leone, putting them on the fast-track to becoming successful business owners.

As in many other parts of the world, young people in Sierra Leone are desperate for
opportunities to get into business and out of poverty. A long-running civil war, followed by a devastating Ebola outbreak, ruined the economy, the education system and the employment prospects of a whole generation. Now, half the population live on less than £1 a day, with 70% of young people unemployed.

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To tackle this Y Care International is working with YMCA Sierra Leone to create eco-friendly enterprise hubs which super-charge young people’s efforts to start-up in business.

Known as ‘Zuba-boxes’, meaning ‘sun’ in the local language, these solar-powered shipping containers give people in rural and slum areas with no electricity their very first access to computers, the internet and business training.


“I was only a year old when I lost my mother. I became an orphan at 8. My grandfather took me in but was unable to pay my school fees. As a child I would buy and sell anything that I could to sustain myself, but I had no understanding of how to run a business.

But the YMCA project has been a blessing. They gave me numeracy training and I learned how to write. Now I can keep my own books for my clothing store and know how to spend and save. The computer training has made me so happy! I can type and keep my own records, knowing that no-one is cheating me. Our trainers have told me that I’m one of the best trainees, considering that I couldn’t read or write when I began.”

Supporting projects like this in Sierra Leone could help us to provide computer and business training to over 1,200 young men and women, training 450 people in literacy and numeracy skills, and helping over 500 young people write up a business plan for the future.

Sampa, enterprise hub user

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to help us share this sustainable technology with other young people around the world. Together we can supercharge their efforts to get into business and out of poverty. Thank you.


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