Chandra’s story began in the cotton fields of the Umerkot where she worked long, gruelling days picking the cotton for just 69p per day. Chandra is just 16 and life for her and her family is desperately hard. Her father is chronically ill. Often she doesn’t have enough to eat and cannot afford the medical care that her father urgently needs. “My family depends completely on my assistance. I have two step brothers, the younger of the two is also physically disabled due to polio.” We’re working directly with young women in some of the poorest parts of Pakistan. Chandra is being taught new stitches and designs using more modern techniques. These skills will help her improve the quality of quilts that she sells to markets and to better negotiate a fair price, something that can be extremely tough for young women in Pakistan. “Wealth or money can be lost or stolen, but not skills. The skills will help improve my financial situation. The income I earn will help me pay for my education and to support my family.”

Support from Trusts and Foundations has made a huge difference to Y Care International’s work with young people around the world, and we are always keen to work with Trusts and Foundations to find suitable projects for support.

Whether your Charitable Trust or Foundation can provide a gift of £100 or £100,000, your vision will enable us to make a real difference to disadvantaged young people across the world.

Y Care International staff enjoy nothing more than sharing their passion with you. We can provide personalised proposals, illustrating each project’s aims and objectives and how these align with your charitable objectives. To ensure transparency, each proposal includes a fully costed budget so you are able to see how your generosity is being used. Frequent project reports are supplied to keep you fully informed on the project’s progress.

Our Partners

Austin Bailey Foundation We have been working with the Austin Bailey Foundation for many years. This year, the foundation has chosen to support our project in the Occupied Palestinian Territory as one of their flagship projects which is helping marginalised young women access vocational and business skills training. They are supporting us with a three year grant.

The Turing Foundation is a new partner this year and is supporting us in Liberia to help young people in slum communities access vocational and business skills training. They are providing us with a three year grant.

The James Tudor Foundation has supported our health work in Madagascar over the past year through training and supporting peer educators on health prevention and providing equipment and supplies to health centres.

“Over the last year we have been supporting Y Care International’s health work in Madagascar. We have been really pleased with how the project has been progressing and are extremely pleased to see how our funding has made such a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable young people in Madagascar.” Sarah Stewart, James Tudor Foundation

This year we have also received support from the Medicor Foundation, Vitol Charitable Foundation, Jochnick Foundation, Maurice and Hilda Laing Foundation, Austin Bailey Foundation and the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission, amongst others providing hope to young people.

There are a number of ways in which your Trust or Foundation can support us:

Creating opportunities for young people across the world

We can use your donation for a variety of specific projects overseas in Asia, Africa, the Middle East or Latin America. By working through the global YMCA movement we can ensure that we work with local communities on long-term, sustainable and effective development programmes that benefit disadvantaged and marginalised young people.

Emergency relief and resilience to crises

When there is a disaster our YMCA partners around the globe are able to mobilise quickly and effectively. Because YMCAs are community-based organisations with a support base of skilled people and volunteers, they are in the best position to quickly identify their communities’ needs in emergencies. They are also committed to long-term rehabilitation years after other agencies might leave.

Investors in Young People Fund

This fund allows us to support young people across the world through:

  • Supporting the research and development of large, high impact programmes to leverage funding provided by government and other donors which require co-funding
  • Piloting projects to test new approaches and innovative action
  • Contributing to the sustainability of the work of our local YMCA partners across the world through capacity building, training, communications and learning.

Global Youth Work in the UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland we work with marginalised and disadvantaged young people, many of whom are residents of YMCAs. These groups can make local-global links between the issues affecting them personally and the problems affecting young people across the developing world. We raise awareness of and interest in international development through global youth work programmes and facilitating young people’s involvement in our campaigning and lobbying.

If you would like to find out more or would like detailed information on a specific project please contact our Senior Trusts and Foundations Coordinator Sam Lishak or phone 020 7549 3174.