Leave a legacy of hope – Write Yusuf into your Will

Every year, Y Care International provides tens of thousands of young people with the start they need to lift themselves, their families and communities out of poverty. It is a legacy that makes us proud.

“Like me, I’m sure you have provided for your children and grandchildren in your Will so they can build their future. But once you’ve looked after your own family, could you do the same for a young person like Yusuf?

The future belongs to the young.

Half the world’s population is under 30. Nine out ten live in the developing world. 500 million earn less than £1.50 a day. So in partnership with local YMCAs in 15 countries, Y Care International works young people like Yusuf, giving them the opportunity to get out of poverty and into business.

Yusuf grew up in civil war. He came of age during the tragedy of Ebola. Lost his slum home to coastal erosion. Yet today he shines with the resilience, ambition and optimism of the young. With the help of Y Care International and YMCA Liberia, Yusuf has become a tailor. He’s set up a shop away from the slum. He’s supporting his family, saving for his future and teaching his trade to three other young people. And he’s done it all by his own hard work.

The gift of opportunity lies with you

By including Y Care International in our Wills we know that some of the world’s most disadvantaged young people will be supported even after we’ve gone; helping them into work and out of poverty and strengthening communities in the future. There aren’t many gifts you can make that last beyond a lifetime, but a charitable bequest to Y Care International can make a difference for generations to come.

Thank you for choosing to support this wonderful charity by remembering them in your Will.”

Terry Waite, CBE

President, Y Care International

“I’m proud because I’m a young person who has earned respect.”

Yusuf, 24, Tailor

Monrovia, Liberia


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