We work with young people

We are one of the few international development organisations that focus exclusively on young people. We have the experience of running projects with and for young people.

Click here to apply for ICS todayThat’s because we believe that change for young people can happen best when they are at the centre of identifying the causes of and solutions to poverty. Young people should be driving the changes they need.

We respond to local needs

Y Care International doesn’t have offices overseas. We partner with local YMCAs around the world who have in-depth knowledge of local conditions. This gives us a clear insight into what life is really like for young people who face a life of grinding poverty and discrimination.

You’ll work on established projects

We send all ICS volunteers to work on existing projects that are already playing an important role in the lives of young people in the community. As well as getting a life-changing experience, you can be assured that your work will benefit the community and make a lasting contribution to the project.

Learn more about our approach to transforming the lives of volunerable young people.