A key part of the ICS programme is that volunteers from the local community work closely alongside their peers from the UK. If you are from the UK, learn about how you can become an ICS volunteer here.

If you are a young person aged 18-25 living in one of the following countries, you can apply to be part of the Y Care International ICS programme:

Volunteers will be paired 1:1 with UK volunteers when they arrive and have the opportunity to share and learn from each other. You will receive training and support so you can make a difference to your local community.

All volunteers based in these countries will be selected in an open and fair application process which gives equal opportunities to all applicants.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Are committed to participate in social action in their area
  • Have done something to help others outside their circle of family and friends
  • Are motivated to join the programme

We are also looking for national Team Leaders who will be chosen based on their leadership ability.


Please note, application and selection of community volunteers in our ICS countries is led by our local YMCA partners and not by Y Care International. Please do not apply on the main ICS website.