Being part of the YMCA movement means supporting young people to belong, contribute and thrive and our ICS programme is the perfect opportunity to do this. We hope YMCAs across the UK will join us in ensuring that every young person has to chance to learn about ICS and apply.

Here are some of the ways we hope that YMCAs can do help us spread the word about this life changing opportunity:

ICS workshops
Our team are offering to visit YMCAs and youth organisations to run special workshops on how young people can tackle global poverty and join our fight for a fairer world by volunteering with ICS in YMCAs around the world.

We are calling on YMCAs to join together to host a free regional training workshop with several YMCAs in your region. They are a great chance to get together and learn what the programme can offer young people and youth workers!

Our workshops typically last half a day (e.g 10am – 2:30pm) and aim to:
• Raise awareness of poverty at home and abroad
• Explore ICS as a way for 18-25 years olds to help tackle global poverty
• Highlight the knowledge and skills that young people could gain through ICS
• Give advice on how young people can apply to take part in the programme
These fun informal and fun days start from where the young people are and will be delivered by our experienced team as well as previous ICS volunteers who have been through whole ‘ICS journey’.

Contact us letting us know your region, and potential dates that you would like us to visit your YMCA.

Host a returned ICS volunteer
We have a growing pool of motivated and inspired young people who have returned from their overseas experience and want to raise awareness of issues with other young people. We are seeking YMCAs and youth organisations to host our volunteers and provide a space for them to connect with young people and staff. Read how Gurvir shared his experiences at his local YMCA.

If you’re interested in hosting an ICS volunteer  to share their experiences with young people then contact Robbie Cheyne 

Order postcards and posters
Every YMCA has been sent these marketing materials to help promote our ICS programme but get in touch if you would like to order more to share with your networks.

Invite us to your events
If you are planning an event, conference, training day or volunteer fair then our team can attend and deliver a learning session about ICS for young people, youth workers or managers.

Contact us if you would like us to visit your event.

Talk on our behalf
We have produced some template PowerPoint slides for you to use if you have an opportunity to speak to young people, staff or volunteers about ICS. The slides give an overview of the ICS programme.

Download a PowerPoint or PDF of the slides. E-mail with any queries or questions.

Share, retweet and like us!
Social media can be a powerful way to reach young people and youth workers and so sharing our ICS content with your networks will be a great way to let others know about how they can get involved.

For young people, volunteering overseas could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience other cultures, learn new skills and challenge themselves to make a difference. For youth workers, this can be a perfect chance to really develop their leadership skills, motivate young people whilst overseas and then lead on taking action with young people in their own YMCA and community. We hope you will join us in encouraging both young people and youth workers to apply for our ICS programme and help change our world.