We are dedicated to building a just world, free from poverty. We do all we can to ensure that young people can build a better life from them, their families and their communities. However, meeting the needs of young people is not enough. We must tackle the root causes of poverty and discrimination. We do this by advocating with and for young people through campaigns.

What is campaigning?
Campaigning is all about creating change, whether that’s change in relation to an issue you personally feel strongly about, or change in your local community, in your country or internationally.

For something to change, someone somewhere will need to do something differently. Campaigning is about putting pressure on the people who need to be doing that different thing.

Campaign with Y Care International
If enough people make their voices heard by campaigning with Y Care International, together we have a real chance of working for a fairer and more just world. Campaigning is one way that you can use your voice to help those who aren’t allowed to use theirs. Sign up to our mailing list to hear our latest campaign news.

Our approach to campaigning

  • Partners with young people – Young people’s views and voices are at the heart of our campaigns. We support them to speak for themselves to people with power.
  • Sharing campaigning skills – we offer training and support to our international partners to run their own campaigns to create change in their communities.
  • Evidence based – our campaigns are rooted in what we have leant from our programmes
  • Collaborators – we believe that together that we are stronger when we work with like-minded organisations and individuals
  • Determined – change rarely happens overnight. We will be bold and courageous for as long as it takes.