Doing development differently


The Y Care international team travelled to Aarhus, Denmark last week to join the YMCA World Council, meeting representatives of YMCAs from across the world and sharing ideas, inspiration and discussions about doing development differently.

Taking place from 3 – 9 July, the World Council saw YMCAs adopt a new Vision 2030 strategy, and had a record attendance of in-person and online participants. The Y Care team joined the event, taking part in keynote sessions, sharing the work of our partners, and having discussions about development with participants in the conference space.

Tandem Conversations

Our team used the tandem to ferry people to and from the eating hall, and used the time to talk about partnership while on the bike.

Carlos Sanvee, World YMCA Secretary General, joined us for tandem conversations last week, having discussions about partnership. We also have Denise Hatton, YMCA England and Wales CEO, a brief ride on the bike, and enjoyed her valuable insight.

In our exhibition space, we gave visitors the chance to learn about us and asked them the question ‘Y do you care?’ – with the perspectives of participants from YMCAs from all around the world, the answers created a mural of ideas and inspiration to inspire our movement.

Our team were warmly welcomed by the YMCA family and we are excited to continue building relationships across the globe. Join us today and get regular updates.

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