Imagine a country where poverty traps you in low-paid labour with no job security. Imagine having no hope of covering your basic needs, never mind saving for the future. Imagine having your right to a voice and a say in your future denied. Now imagine what’s it like when all that suddenly changes; when you are given an opportunity to take charge of your life. All you need are the skills to grasp that chance.

Myanmar is at a crossroads. After 40 years of military rule, will it grasp the opportunity of a democratically elected government? Will it develop a new economy, that gives opportunity to all? Support our appeal today and you can help Myanmar’s young people contribute to their country’s economy, and give them the future they deserve.

It only takes something small to change lives. With just a spanner and a few other tools you could help support a young man like Zaw, who took up a YMCA mechanics and business training course. Zaw has now set up his own motorbike repair shop. He has gone from having no income, to making at least £50 a month, supporting his family with food and medical costs, and employing other local young people.

“Today, I am standing here because of this project. I would like to say many thanks to all. I am very appreciative of the help you’ve given me.”

But there are many others like Zaw who still need help. We’ve just launched a new project which will arm 400 young people in rural Myanmar with the skills to set up their own business and play a part in changing their country for the better. So please make a donation today and help Y Care International reach out to young people in Myanmar, or wherever the need is greatest.