Caught in conflict, imprisoned by inequality and trapped in poverty

In the West Bank and Gaza, we are prisoners of geography, conflict and politics. Blockades restrict our movement making it hard to work, earn a living, visit family and live a truly free life. Security forces on all sides affect where we can go, what we can do, and what we can say. There is no place of safety. No sense of freedom.

At any moment the electricity or water supply can be cut off without warning. Food supplies are intermittent. Young people make up almost one-third of the population here, but almost 50% of us are unemployed. Many of us feel alienated because we have so little say in our lives. Recently, a youth movement called ‘We want to live’ was ruthlessly shut down by our own Palestinian security forces. Sometimes it’s difficult to have hope.

Young women in particular can face isolation and exclusion. Many are still often caught in a patriarchal culture where women are expected to stay at home and out of work to raise their children. However, with your help, it’s now part of my job to help change that.

Give the young an opportunity to create a better life

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Over the last few years, your support of Y Care International has helped YWCA Palestine train 38 mainly female business graduates from Bethlehem University as Young Business Coaches. I was one of the first to complete this life-changing training.


Using our skills in marketing, manufacturing, and logistics we now mentor local women who own their own businesses. This project is the first of its kind in Palestine. Now over 210 local female honey producers, sheep farmers, grape-growers, hairdressers and fashion store owners are accessing new markets, improving their finances and increasing profits. It’s expertise they would never have been able to call on otherwise. In return, these remarkable business owners have helped graduates like me gain invaluable experience. Being a business coach builds our confidence and gives us hope for the future.

It’s been a real turning point in my life. The women we work with have built their businesses with love and with passion, despite living under occupation and in a male-dominated society. With our help they can earn a decent living, assert their independence in their family and live with dignity. We’re not just getting people into work. We’re challenging stigma, stereotypes and discrimination.

With your help, we’ve created hope among our business coaches and owners. You’ve allowed us to work together to change our own lives for the better. You’ve helped us win more independence, stay strong and inspire others too. Please can I ask you to share this gift with other young people in Palestine and other conflict zones around the world?

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to give young people who are trapped an opportunity to make a better life

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