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Growing up in the shadow of one of the South America’s most active volcanoes makes every day a risk. On June 3rd 2018 Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego – literally, volcano of fire – suddenly produced its most powerful eruption since 1974. Almost 300 people died, hundreds more went missing and 3,400 people lost their homes.

Those living in the shadows of the volcano were some of the country’s most vulnerable. After being displaced by civil war, they had little other place to go and, as it sadly often the case, young people are most at risk.

Y Care International already have an established partnership with YMCA Guatemala to support these young people. That’s why, when disaster struck, we were able to help those on the ground quickly and support people with emergency sanitation, first aid kits and therapy sessions.

Y Care International’s emergency fund helped to provide survivors with their most basic needs, bringing hope and helping them to rebuild their lives in the wake of this tragedy.

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How our Emergency Fund works

In 2006 we set up an Emergency Fund to provide immediate financial support to our partners responding to an emergency in their communities. As part of our longer-term work we also train young people and community leaders in disaster resilience, so they are better prepared for such an event. We need your support for this fund to exist.

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A donation today could ensure that we can aid our partners to be ready when disaster strikes and respond immediately when called upon in an emergency.

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