Adam’s Blog: Ride London 2024

On Sunday 26 May 2024, riders will take to the streets of London to compete in one of the UK’s most famous rides. Those brave enough to take on the Ride London 100 will be riding through some of the most iconic streets of London and the picturesque villages and countryside of neighbouring Essex.


My name is Adam, and this year, I will be competing in Ride London 2024, a 100-mile bike ride through London, and am undertaking this challenge to fundraise for Y Care International.

I am a keen cyclist; I like a challenge and I enjoy finding ways to push myself to reach my potential. I know that in communities across the world, the YMCA is supporting young people to reach their potential too.

Whether it is through providing computer skill classes in Liberia or training young women and girls in the business of soap-making in Sierra Leone, the YMCA is enabling young people to fulfil their potential in a variety of ways. Y Care International supports YMCAs in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and other countries to ensure that this incredible work continues to happen.

I became a Regular Giver to Y Care International because I supported this vision of seeing every young person’s potential fulfilled but I also support how Y Care International seek to see this vision realised. In working in partnership with local YMCAs, Y Care International doesn’t impose or import solutions to communities, but instead supports and resources them as they find their own solutions. This distinction allows communities to fulfil their own potential and not be dependent on external input.

I know that I am the only one who can fulfil my potential and Y Care International knows that is also the case for the young people they work alongside. In giving them the support and resources they need to flourish, the young people they serve can thrive and succeed in their own way.

Mariama, for example, is a young woman (not much younger than me) living in Kissy in Sierra Leone. She found herself estranged from her family and living on the streets. The Unique Family, the community who run a local soap-making business, took Mariama in and taught her soap-making. In teaching Mariama a trade, she was able to regain the agency she had lost on the streets. She reconnected with her family, went back to school, and now works on the weekends so that she can continue to provide for herself. Surrounded by a community of other young women and girls who have experienced similar things to her, she is able to fulfil her potential.

Famata is a young woman living in Monrovia, Liberia. She is a businesswoman and runs her own internet café. After she graduated high school, she entered YMCA Liberia so she could learn computer skills through the classes they offered. She progressed through the course levels and now she gives back by teaching other young people as a staff member. From the knowledge she gained, she now runs a successful internet café and has changed her life completely.

I’m about halfway to my fundraising goal of £500. £500 could allow Y Care International to procure equipment for the vocational training centre at the YMCA Sierra Leone, which would help to improve the learning experience of students there. I would be so grateful if you’d consider donating to my fundraising page so that I can smash my target as well as smashing the race.

To check out my fundraising page click here:

If you’re interested in the work of Y Care International, I’d encourage you to consider becoming a Regular Giver. I know that while big fundraising challenges are a brilliant way to generate hype and enthusiasm, a consistent and regular gift each month helps Y Care International to ensure their support of YMCAs and the young people they serve in the long term.

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