How do I increase the size of the text on this website?

If you are using one of the most commonly used internet browsers on a PC, you can increase the text size by clicking ‘Ctrl’ and ‘=’ at the same time. Similarly, to decrease the text size click ‘Ctrl’ and “-“. You can also select ‘View’ then ‘Text Size’ in your browser menu.

If you are using a Mac then you can click “cmd” and “+” to increase the text size, and “cmd” and “-” to decrease it.

How can I change the font and font colours used?

In Internet Explorer: To specify fonts and colors to always use for Web page. On the Tools menu click Internet Options. On the General tab, click Accessibility and change the settings as necessary.

I can’t access PDF documents. What should I do?

Visit the Abode Reader website PDF files retain all of the original formatting of the printed version of documents. To view PDF files you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I still have a technical problem problem with this website. Who should I contact?

If you are still having problems or have a question that you want to ask, visit our Contact Us page.