Terry Waite pictured with Mother Teresa in 1996

Y Care International grew out of the YMCA movement – an international association of youth organisations from more than 120 countries. Founded in 1844 in London, it is one of the oldest and largest voluntary youth organisations in the world.

The YMCA works to bring social justice and peace to young people and their communities, regardless of religion, race, gender or culture. YMCAs take a holistic approach to young people’s development emphasising their personal, social and spiritual development.

In 1984, the YMCA National Councils in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland agreed to better co-ordinate their existing international humanitarian relief efforts. The resulting organisation became Y Care International and focussed on international relief following an emergency. It would work in partnership with YMCAs across the global South to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable young people.

Terry Waite CBE, along with two members of the National Council of England, John Naylor and David Bedford, officially founded Y Care International in 1984. Terry Waite remains President of Y Care International to this day and is an active advocate of our work.

Over the years we strengthened our role as a development agency focussed on supporting disadvantaged young people, whose needs and rights are so often neglected. We continued to be a subsidiary charity of YMCA England before becoming a fully independent charity in 2005. In 2010 we strengthened our link with the YMCA movement became as Associate Member of the World Alliance of YMCAs