A new look for Y Care International in 2023

Y Care Logo: Every young person's potential fulfilled


A new look for Y Care International

Y Care International is announcing a new look, to reflect our strategic vision, our partnership-led values, and our close relationship with the global network of YMCAs.

Every young person’s potential fulfilled

Our values are:


Is the oxygen of our movement and enables meaningful relationships and actions.


Is working together, in solidarity and partnership, not in control.


Is personifying transparency, honesty and accountability.

Y Care logo 2023
The Y Care International logo is strong, bold, and easily recognisable.

Our Logo:

The new logo of Y Care International seeks to encompass our values, and our connection to the World YMCA. The key element is the Y, formed by a series of triangles, with one of those triangles, slightly detached from the rest of the letter-form.

As well as referencing wider YMCA branding, the triangle indicates a piece of a puzzle – the idea is of partnership and different agencies coming together to create something bigger than themselves:

Y Care only exists because of the excellent work of our partners. Those partners are a foundational piece of the puzzle, and it’s important the logo highlights them and the collaborative approach that Y Care International works towards.

A new look

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