"Opportunities and chances are what make us – but the lack of ‘second chances’ can break us." Adam Leach, Y Care International CEO.

Adam Leach, Y Care International CEO, welcomed over 90 guests at the Travellers Club to mark the launch of the UK Aid Match scheme and to talk about what can be done together and increase support for Y Care International‘s work with young people in Africa and more widely through the Tools for Recovery appeal.

“We want to connect you with the lives of young people in Africa and around the world, and engage you all in the fight against inequality and the challenge of creating many more, new opportunities for young people.

“The threat of Ebola has been catastrophic killing over 11,000 in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, creating fear and hostility and devastating the lives of slum communities already crippled by poverty.”

Our Tools for Recovery campaign is a unique opportunity to do just this.

“Tools for Recovery is about practical action to help people build their lives after Ebola. The `Tools’ include – the equipment and infrastructure to get water and sanitation into poor neighbourhoods, skills training to make a living, business advice to get enterprises going, and communications to make sure Ebola doesn’t come back.

Y Care International is all about creating opportunities

“We are facing the crisis of growing inequality manifest in the lack of jobs, ill-health, injustice and the impact of crises like Ebola in Liberia that seriously damage the lives of young people and their communities. Looking ahead, too, it is estimated that 350 million young people will enter job market in Africa alone in next 15 years. The lack of jobs, work, opportunities for income and mobility mean there will many chances lost to the savage consequences of inequality.

“We can transform lives with practical action – to get jobs, set up enterprises and employment plus essential health support, justice, and resilience in crises. This is what gives hope and real possibilities for very vulnerable young people.”

At Y Care International we believe every young person deserves a ‘second chance’ – especially those that never really had a ‘first’ chance in life.

“And we believe in the chance to succeed – to grow, to provide for yourself and others, to be a full citizen. This doesn’t just happen without help and support. Everyone here will have had chances – anyone who has got anywhere in life has had many ‘second chances’. From family, friends, work; through education, training, advice, ‘lucky breaks’ at work; plus love, encouragement, and belief in their abilities. Of course, funding and investment is also crucial.

Opportunities and chances are what make us – but the lack of ‘second chances’ can break us.

At the Event, Adam introduced Tim Kamaboakai, Programme Director for Liberia YMCA, and Tom Parry, Special Features Writer for the Daily Mirror to talk with guests about the deep economic, social and emotional impacts for thousands of people living in slum and rural communities in Liberia.
Tim has been visiting YMCAs across the UK to share his experience of the Ebola outbreak and our action with young people. Tom visited Liberia at the height of the Ebola crisis and was awarded the British Press Awards Feature Writer of the year 2014.

Twice as many people reached, twice as much hope offered. Double the impact, double the hope!

Adam also expressed special thanks to the UK government for the UK Aid Match Scheme, all our generous supporters, and support from Trinity Mirror, Roast Foundation & Iqbal Wahhab as Y Care International’s Ambassador, and the YMCA movement in the UK and Ireland for help in communicating widely about the need for action and support.

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