Nicaragua YMCA is training young young farmers in sustaiable farming methods and supporting them to engae in local markets. Photo: Lizz Harrison/YCI Nicaragua YMCA is training young young farmers in sustainable farming methods and supporting them to engage in local markets.

Y Care International’s Lizz Harrison has won an open blog competition by Cgiar Research Program on Climate Change & Food Security (CCAFS).

Lizz (pictured centre, left) with young farmers who've been supported by Nicaragua YMCA. Photo: YCI

Lizz (pictured centre, left) with young farmers who’ve been supported by Nicaragua YMCA.

Lizz Harrison who is the Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergencies Advisor at Y Care International, blogged about her visit to Nicaragua and how she is working with the YMCA to boost young people’s farming skills in rural communities.

“I’m so pleased CCAFS chose my blog as one of the winning entries! The project implemented with Nicaragua YMCA is a fantastic example of an holistic approach to improving the lives of young rural Nicaraguans by building their skills and knowledge on climate change, disaster risk, water management and sustainable agriculture. The young farmers I met are really hopeful for their future and are vital for increasing food security today and for the next generation.”

The ‘Feeding the Next Generation’ project in Nicaragua is supporting young people to learn sustainable farming techniques, to increase food security and reduce the impacts of future natural disasters and climate change. CCAFS have been taking blog entries blog posts regarding climate change, farming and food security with five winners being selected to highlight work in East Africa, West Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

‘Feeding the Next Generation’ is managed by 24 year-old YMCA project coordinator, Alejandro Alfaro, who spoke of his excitement on hearing about  the winning blog.

“I am proud to be part of this project because we are promoting changes in some of the poorest communities of Nicaragua and because of the YMCA we are preparing young people and their families to have a broader vision of agricultural production to feed future generations.

“I am deeply grateful to Nicaragua YMCA the opportunity given to me to be part of this great family, and to Y Care International and Big Lottery Fund for their support. We hope we will be able to continue and for this we are putting all our efforts on achieving the objectives set out within the project.”

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