Photo: Peter Hovring/ACT

The worst floods on record have brought destruction to communities across five provinces of the country. In some places entire villages have been submerged with houses washed away and many roads made impassable. Landslides, floods, lack of food and water are threatening the lives of millions.

So far, an estimated 3 million people have been affected and more than 1,500 people have died. Around 1 million people have lost their homes or been forced to flee, and it is estimated that some 1.8 million need food aid.

Forecasters say more rain and flooding is likely over the next few days. The risk of waterborne diseases spreading will remain high until the floodwaters fully recede and reports of cholera are already emerging.

Terry Waite, CBE, President of Y Care International said: “Seeing the suffering caused by such terrible floods in Pakistan is horrifying. Time is of the essence to help people without clean water, food or shelter and we are working closely with our partners in Pakistan to do just that. Please help us provide essential assistance in this desperate emergency.”

Y Care International is the international development and relief agency of the YMCA movement in the UK and Ireland, working in partnership with YMCAs across the developing world to help young people build alternatives to a future of poverty and disadvantage.

As well as long-term development programmes, Y Care International undertakes relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation work when there is human emergency and natural disaster. Y Care International is well placed to respond to emergencies, as local YMCAs’ local knowledge and ability to mobilise quickly and effectively is invaluable in coordinating an emergency response.

For more information please contact Sue Wheat, Communications Manager at Y Care International on 020 7549 3156 or Zoë Wilson Young on 020 7549 3176.