Y Care International is a youth-driven organisation that exists for vulnerable young people to help them free themselves from poverty and unleash their skills, capability, and resilience.

Our focus is creating opportunities through enterprise and employability for young women and men aged 15-24 made vulnerable by inequality and injustice. We provide support for practical, inclusive and local action mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and a limited number of other countries.

Our vision

Vulnerable young people who are employed, healthy, treated justly, and resilient.

Our mission

Creating opportunities for work with vulnerable young women and men to change lives for the better, fulfil their potential and play a full role in society.

Our values

  • Bold. We are inspired by the spirit and determination of young women and men and ambitious for real opportunities and innovative action that empowers them.
  • Compassionate. We strive to understand, encourage, and enable vulnerable young people.
  • Expert. We work with integrity to ensure practical, rights-focused and local solutions.
  • Open. We are enthusiastic about collaboration through participative, inclusive, learning relationships.
Afivi, 16, Togo. After resorting to sex work to survive, Afivi was arrested and inprisoned. Our work on youth justice in Togo meant she was released from prison and given the training which has changed her life. Photo: Nile Sprague

Our Approach

Find out more about how we transform young lives through YMCAs around the world.